Meet The Team

We are a small, family-run business, operating across the south of England and Wales. We strive to share our knowledge and expertise to help our clients create that special bond and understanding with their beloved pets! So, who are we...?

Thomas Longman

Company Director and Head Trainer

My name is Tom and I’ve been training dogs since I was just a youngster involved in the rescue and rehabilitation scene. When I lived in Spain I grew a passion for helping dogs, especially those that had developed behavioural issues from being mistreated or from living on the streets with little or sometimes even zero human interaction. Now it is my life's work to train dogs and their owners, to help develop their bond and create the highest level of understanding between them.


Samantha Longman

Dog Trainer

I'm Sam, Tom's sister, and I've been rescuing and rehabilitating dogs since I was twelve years old. I've worked with all sorts of dogs throughout my life and believe that every dog has the ability to reach its full potential with the right training and dedication. 



2nd in Command and Top Dog

Hello! My name is Kailo (but you can call me 'Kai' for short) and I'm a German Shepherd. I LOVE making new friends, so if you see me out on a walk and I approach you or your dog, don't worry - I'm friendly!! I love taking care of my younger siblings (who you will meet further down the page) and love playing with them too. I love doing protection work with my dad and running and jumping for toys, in fact, the only thing I love more is FOOD!!


The Human Whisperer and Dog Mum

Hello, my name is Lulu and I'm a Border Collie. I'm 8 years old and am very very intelligent. I help my dad with the dogs and I help keep them in check. If they're being naughty or too out of control I'll let them know to improve their behaviour sharpish as I don't stand for any nonsense! I love my dad and I love to cuddle up and relax after a hard days work (working with unruly dogs is VERY hard work...). My favourite thing in the world is SOCKS!!


The Smallest,

The Cuddliest,

The *Cutest

*Subject to opinion, of course.

Hi! My name is Minnie and I'm a Toy Poodle! My mummy and daddy tell me I was supposed to be a Miniature Poodle but I just didn't grow that big... I'm the baby of the family! (I'm not the actual baby because I have a younger sister BUT I am the baby-est of all of us!) I LOVE cuddles and get SOOOO excited every morning, especially when I see my favourite of all - Lulu!! I LOVE to dance for her every time I see her, I love her so so much!!


The ACTUAL Baby and Bounciest Of All

Hi! My name is Cassie! I'm a Poodle too and I'm only a few months old but I'm bigger than Lulu because I'm a Standard Poodle (A.K.A GIANT Poodle!!) I'm super duper intelligent and I love to learn tricks! I LOVE to play wrestling with Minnie and Kailo - I want to play with Lulu but she scares me a bit.. I love to run around as fast as I possibly can and play chase with Minnie. The only thing I love more than playing with my brother and sister is FOOD!!


The Fair "Noot Noot"

Hi! I'm Noodle, the Toy Poodle and I'm Minnie's sister! I don't live with the Team but, even though I'm little, I'm a HUGE part of the family and LOVE to get stuck in! I'm a mummy's girl at heart, we do everything together! She takes me on walks, we meet new friends, she takes me running and we go on bike rides through the forest! We have SOOO much fun together!! I LOVE to play wrestling with my sister, Minnie, we have always played together and always will!! I LOVE Kai too! Even though he is much bigger than me, he is still fun to play with!!

'Behind The Scenes' Team Members

Lucy Atterbury

Assistant Dog Trainer

Business Support

Yvonne Longman

Business Support

Oliver Dixon

Marketing Manager