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Behaviour Modification

Residential Boarding and Behaviour Modification

  • £750 Inc Vat

Service Description

Based on correct clear communication and mutual understanding of leadership and providing a long lasting training relationship between trainer and client this is not a magical pill for your dog it is an educational journey for both you and your best friend. the training course is split into two halves Firstly the first half is a short residential stay at our home and training facility on the beautiful private farm estate of Wintershall in Guildford surrey, this enables us to get to know your dog on a 1 to one basis, this allows us enough time and a controlled safe environment in which we can earn the trust of your dog as in order to treat severe behavioural issues the dog needs someone they feel 100% able to let they're guard down around and relax in order to even think about changing they're behaviour. Secondly, an intense handler course for the owners of the dog tailored to your dog passing all the information learnt by us during your dogs stay we then follow-up weekly as long as it takes with no limit on how many sessions you may need to get things straight. Price includes nutrition, equipment, training in the relative areas, boarding and any follow ups the trainer deems necessary. 3 week minimum stay.

Contact Details

  • Yess Training Ltd, Corner Cottage, Gate Street, Guildford, GU5 0LR


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